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Drawing and Painting classes by Chanda Dobriyal

I am Chanda Dobriyal a trainer, full time artist and undertake commission work in oil, acrylic and watercolor as well as profess in using Art as therapy

I'm a professional watercolor artist and have been teaching drawing, sketching and painting students using various mediums for almost a decade.

I alo conduct workshops for those who wish to paint in watercolor, acrylics and oil with joy and confidence. Watercolor is a remarkable art medium because it’s just so approachable. With just a cup of water and a few paints, you can create incredible pieces of art.

I also profess and teach Indian folk art to students like Madhubani, Warli, Phad. I am certified artist that utilizes art, specially mandla and doodling to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Come let's paint together


Watercolor is a versatile painting medium, with just few art supplies and techniques, you’ll be able to capture landscape in comfortable time frame.

Oil Paint

Oil paints are most popular medium for artistic medium, but picking up the medium is a struggle and takes time to get the feel.

Acrylics Paints

Acrylic is the next medium for vibrant and realistic paintings. Picking up the nuances of acrylic are easier than oil.

Soft Pastels

Soft Pastel, color pencil and pen drawing are real stress busters and are easy to learn and practice even while you are on move and requires very few art supplies.

Come let's learn art together and heal ourselves

Sketching and Shading

Depicting light and shadow helps create illusion of three-dimensional space.

Doodling and Mandalas

Doodling has a history dating back to human civilization. It helps connect your emotions.

Indian Folk Art

India is rich in folk art and vary from region, I profess folk are like madhubani, warli.

Art Therapy

Art helps you connect to your emotions and help you establish positive frame of mind.


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